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Project management comes naturally to me. I can't help but look for more effective, efficient, and fun solutions to everyday problems. I'm adept at defining scope, identifying tasks, and following through until everything is done correctly. But for me, the real payoff is when I can clear the way so that a team can function beautifully. There's nothing sweeter than unprompted, open communication between team members, propelling the project to its on-time completion.


some examples

Project Lead/ Business Analyst

Powered, Inc.

Powered product screenshotTo build the new product, I led the creative team in:

  • gathering requirements
  • brainstorming
  • documentation (with gray pages, detailed object diagrams and interaction diagrams)
  • developing and testing HTML mockups

The result:

  • flexible template-based product where each functional object can each be cobranded or moved without adversely affecting the functionality of the site
  • In this example, successful login results in the student's "mini-binder" a concise and relevant view of their site.

After synthesizing requirements (from client, student and instructor feedback and previous "blue sky" brainstorming meetings) I led the team in designing the student's personal "binder."

This student-focused tool brings a cohesive face to the various functions of the site, including:

  • community
  • site content
  • classroom notes and message board posts
  • enrollment history
  • account information
  • shopping items

The simple design is greatly enhanced by small graphical icons, a project that I contracted and managed.

Based on work done in the interaction diagram documentation, I led the effort to apply a modular, easy-to-navigate site style to key sections of the site.

This solution supports a wide range of client implementations while improving navigability.

Identified a more streamlined method for students to enroll in a course, saving one step for the user and much confusion. The modular pages are displayed based on the student's login state and any client-specific marketing requirements.

Senior Producer

Powered, Inc.

Powered client Websites

Managed project (organizing brainstorming meetings, documenting, specification signoff, timelines and deliverables) for core online university product that was then successfully cobranded and deployed for multiple top-brand clients.

Shown above:

Web Team Producer


Even as a copywriter, I was involved in each of the site revisions, which consisted of everything from information architecture, page layout, navigation and product placement and copy.

Micron Website screenshot

Collaborated with small team to turn confusing brochure site (left) into simpler, faster-loading site (below).
Micron Website screenshot

Micron Website screenshot

This site (on the left) was one of our most successful early revisions. We focused on differentiating the product line and introduced several features that I was heavily involved in, including:

  • wizard to help customers choose and configure a PC or laptop
  • easy-to-understand buyer's guide
  • simple comparison charts

I also led the effort to gather and analyze customer feedback about the site.

As the web site began to get more traffic, executive management introduced a third-party design firm (Sitewerks). When newly introduced features worked poorly with the company's legacy system, I began acting as a producer to fix problem areas.

In a few high-intensity months, the company introduced a new brand, chose a segmented sales approach (below left), and then when customers failed to respond, returned to the product-centric strategy (below right).

I worked with the team to restructure and rebrand the site, introduce more streamlined maintenance processes, and launch major site revisions on time. I also completed and launched a networking guide to support the company's growing product line.

Micron Website screenshots

Working with frogdesign, I led the MicronPC team in a complete revision of the site, including the restructuring, rebranding and rewriting of all pages on site, including very complex areas such as technical support and the ecommerce store.

My managers and coworkers attest to the key role I played in the success of this project, in everything from cranking out HTML during all-nighters to encouraging harmony in three teams with divergent cultures.

After launch, customers expressed concern about some new features (such as a restrictive front-page gateway and frames) and I led the web team in completing a speedy but effective revision (below).

Micron Website screenshots