While I do enjoy straightforward editing and writing projects, I have a special talent for jumping into more dynamic (dare I say chaotic?) situations and coming out with copy that makes people say, "Now that's what I've been trying to put into words for a year!" (That's what a client said upon reading my first-draft web copy.)

I like the sleuth work: asking questions, making friends with the engineer who just happens to know all the important stuff, and trying out different approaches until the right one is unveiled in all its glorious, obvious rightness. Then I can let my natural nitpicker tidy up the loose ends, and the results are just what you want: compelling copy that people actually want to read.


some examples

  • Clotron - Clotron's struggle to define their product had resulted in three different web sites, many product names, and collateral that somehow didn't explain what they offered. Working with a great designer, I helped unify their message with all new web site copy, user guides, and more. (Available in portfolio.)
  • United Youth Courts of Alaska annual report/ brochure (PDF) - This non-profit needed to both publish the previous year's accomplishments and put out the call for new funding. Working with information provided by youth groups, I wrote a friendly and informative piece.
  • Partnerflow Back Office brochure (PDF) - One of many brochures designed to explain the benefits of a full-featured sales optimization tool for the electronic component industry.